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Since the introduction of Pricing in Proportion (PiP) it may be tempting to fold A4 letters into a C5 envelope, but remember first impressions count! Consider the overall presentation impact of an unfolded letter in a pristine C4 envelope against the potential of a folded letter in a smaller envelope. Choosing Basildon Bond means that presentation is important to your business.

In addition Pricing in Proportion means cost savings on some mailings; it is now cheaper to send bulkier items such as catalogues and brochures which fall within the large letter category.

With PiP there are now 3 categories of mail – Letter, Large Letter and Packet

  • A Letter is maximum 165x240mm, and up to 5mm thick, weighing no more than 100g.
  • A Large Letter is maximum 250x353mm, and up to 25mm thick, weighing no more than 750g.
  • A Packet is longer than 353mm, wider than 250mm, thicker than 25mm or heavier than 750g.


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